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Trading & Investing Summit

November 3rd, 4th & 5th

Gold Coast, Australia

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It happens every year...

Things change.

And that’s why drowning yourself in out-dated E-books or forcing yourself to listen to boring, impersonal courses and webinars just don't yield returns.

You need real, updated information that actually works!

And the really sad truth is…


Most don’t walk the walk…

Most haven’t done it, and even if they did, they don’t do it anymore (except for selling products on “How to make money trading”… as if that counts).

Are you as sick and tired of this as I am?

The good news is, that’s all about to change…


If you wanted to learn a subject – I mean REALLY learn it, which would you rather do?

A) Read a book written by the #1 expert on that subject,


B) Spend THREE FULL LIVE DAYS with that expert grilling them on EVERYTHING you need to know?

Obvious answer of course, getting it straight from the “Horse’s Mouth” live as opposed to reading a probably out-dated book.

So you can either buy a bunch of books and try and figure it all out on your own, or you can go and spend THREE full days with the experts themselves and listen to what they have to say – live and in person.

Well, if that scenario excites you, then I have very good news…


Without blowing my own horn, not too much, anyway, I (Andrew Baxter) am considered the Industry Leader, when it comes to trading and investing, and have been for more than two decades.

More importantly (and unlike most of the trading educators out there)…


In fact, to give you an idea…

  • We have been one of the busiest options trading desks in the Country, trading thousands of positions per month
  • We run and manage our own Hedge Fund, using the exact same strategies we teach
  • Educated tens of thousands of people in how they can be using some powerful and not too complex strategies for stacking the odds in their favour
  • Developed and launched several technology applications, to simplify good quality decision making for traders and investors around the World, one of which is amongst the highest grossing apps in its category
  • Currently have almost $14m of stock market buying power at our fingertips

So again, we actually do this stuff!

We’re not in some ivory tower, researching and writing, or travelling City to City selling courses. We are down in the trenches, just like you.

And here’s the hook: I am opening the door on EVERYHTHING I have learned in the past 20 PLUS years of trading. The Good, The Bad and the Ugly. It’s called the…Trading & Investing Summit 2017

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Trading and Investing summit Melbourne Workshop

Trading & Investing Summit 2017

Gold Coast - November 3rd, 4th & 5th

Hosted by

But before I tell anymore about the event itself, I first want to tell you what I think about most trading and investing events…


This is not an ordinary event, In fact, I hate to even call it an “Event” a “Conference” a Bootcamp or anything that might make you’ve heard of anything like it in the past, EVER.

First of all, the Trading and Investing Summit…

  • Is not a pitch fest
  • Is not a multi-speaker Event: You’ll here from members of our team, close friends and partners, but it wont be a constant rotation of random presentations. This will be a curriculum based experience that allows you to leave with real, actionable information.
  • It’s not 3 days of old, out dated information: Everything you’ll here is brand new “what’s working now” content that you can “Plug and Play” into your own investing plan
  • Is 100% Intermediate to Advanced content – you wont be overwhelmed, but you will be learning some really great stuff.

I guarantee you this..,

You will leave this event armed with everything you need to create MASSIVE break throughs in your trading and investing, finding new opportunities that you would have previously missed!



As a universally recognised education powerhouse, Andrew Baxter has spoken alongside some of the worlds leading figures.

His no nonsense, plain English style along with an encyclopaedic knowledge of markets and trading, have helped Andrew’s thousands of clients around the World enjoy a wealthier life.

With almost 25 years of real life professional trading experience, you will leave this event full to the brim with practical, applicable real  life wealth creating skills.

Locally he has spoken to audiences for the ASX, Australian Financial Review, Australian Investors Association and the Technical Analysis Association, and overseas at the highly prestigious National Achievers Congress and Irrational Economics Summit, working with more than 50,000 people worldwide.

Andrew is on a mission is to empower 100,000 everyday Australians to enjoy a more prosperous financial future through learning how to better manage their investments.


Answer: A Lot!

Here’s a peak at what we have on the agenda and this is just a slither of what you’ll take away…

Rock Solid Foundations that last the test of time

One whole day focused on building the base – for you and for your investing process.

Throughout the day, each session will layer up, helping form a truly robust and repeatable investment process for regular and upfront cashflow generation.

  • TIME FOR LIFE – This was one of the most popular sessions last year, based on attendee feedback, after all how often to we get busy and feel overwhelmed? This new and restructured session will provide a practical and easy to follow process for getting your time under control and focused on what is important to you.
  • CASHFLOW ON DEMAND AND THE 3 DECISION POINTS - Mastering the Covered Call Strategy can be crucial for all investors seeking cashflow and income. In its essence, this comes down to 3 critically important decisions Which Stock, What Option and How to Manage the Risk
  • INCOME AT THE NEXT LEVEL – Taking your Covered Call trading to the next level through understanding Volatility and how you tailor the strategy to avoid risk, ramp income and base this on process trade in and trade out.
  • MANAGING YOUR POSITIONS LIKE A PRO – Often, even if you didn’t realise this, your positions will provide the opportunity to finesse, rather than simply hold through to expiry. Rolling, Repairing, Early Exits and Double Dips are just some of the additional trading techniques that can be used to optimise the Cashflow On Demand Strategy.

Moving up the ladder to the next level

Day 2 is dedicated to the business of trading and in particular, the use of a more leveraged approach to the markets. Note this is not day trading.

Throughout the second day, the key learning points will carry through to the next session, providing a learning journey for those that are serious about getting the job profitably done!

  • USING THE RIGHT TOOL FOR THE RIGHT JOB IN SHORTER TERM TRADING – Understanding the critically important differences in choosing your strategies and the tools to use when evaluating them including the groups of indicators and how to use them properly.
  • SPREAD TRADING FOR BEGINNERS – Introduces the concept of Spread Trading, using options to tackle bull and bear markets. With the flexibility and power of spreads, many trades jump straight in – don’t until you check this out!
  • SPREAD TRADING FOR SUCCESS – Taking the basics of spread trading and shaping them into a format that provides structure, shape, flexibility and the ability to zero in on some of the unique attributes of trading Options Spreads.
  • MINDSET MASTERY PROVIDES THE ULTIMATE PILLAR FOR ANY SUCCESSFUL TRADE – The Psychology of Trading is truly unique and requires a precise roadmap to navigate successfully. Interestingly, the lessons learned here translate to life too, and this session will leave you spinning in anticipation of letting loose your new skills on the market!

Your Game Plan Going Forwards

Day 3 is wealth builder and go forward game plan day. Stepping back and looking at the broader approach to Wealth Creation, rather than just on the stockmarket, the day is designed to put a ribbon around Trading and Investing Summit, leaving you with a clear, defined and measured game plan to take forward from the event.

  • WINNING IN THE MARKETPLACE – Bringing the Summit and all of its learning points together, in an interactive Winner Takes All Real Cash Format. Last year, this game helped our attendees cement the core principles of profitable trading in a fun and fully interactive format. Will you be scooping thousands of dollars as this year’s winner?
  • PANORAMIC WEALTH BEYOND THE WORLD OF TRADING – Is one of the most misunderstood areas. Our expert guest speaker will share the ins and outs of SMSF and provide critically important insights into your role as a Trustee.
  • WHAT NEXT? – No Trading and Investing Summit would be complete without helping you build out your game plan for taking things to the next level, kicking the goals you choose and applying the strategy that’s right for you. It is at the end of the Summit where all the components come together for you.


Ok, I’ve given you a taste of what we have in store for you at the Trading and Investing Summit, but let me assure you that I’ve left A LOT more unsaid than said.

Still, the session highlights above should be more than enough for you to make an intelligent decision on whether or not this event is right for you. But before you decide one way or the other, here some additional “Special Features” you should know about the Trading And Investing Summit:

  • 1. All Content, Not Pitches. As I said before, this is a content event! You’re coming to learn… not to buy.
  • 2. Limited Guest Speakers...you will get mainly me for the three days, plus a few of my closest advisors
  • 3. Module Based teaching...The training will be delivered in short 90 minute modules, with ample time allowed for questions and discussions, In other words, if you have a question about a concept that we are presenting, you’ll have time to get an answer

If you are still reading this then you’re probably starting to think this event is for you. But don’t get ahead of yourself because here is the sad truth…

Chances are the Trading and Investing Summit STILL isn’t for you.

I am being deadly serious. Here are the facts:

  • 1. This Summit is not free. I like to think reassuringly expensive because it means the usual "freebie seekers" are screened out, so they cant waste anyone’s time, asking all the wrong questions for all the wrong reasons, preventing you from learning what you came for.
  • 2. This Summit is all about practical, applicable tactics and strategies that MAKE Money… Its not one of those motivational, fix your head, rah-rah sessions designed to make you feel good, even when you are still broke. Trading and Investing Summit is for people who want to take their investing to the next level, who are willing to put the effort and the investment that’s required to reach that level.

Finally, this event has in the past been exclusively for our members. For the first time, we are opening up the doors to those that have yet to join our family, giving them an insight into our ways for tackling the market on your own terms.

Still feel it’s right for you?

Then you’re probably wondering how much you’re going to invest to join this powerful 3 day event.


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